Hosted Phone Systems

Hosted phone systes are a great way for users to expand their functionality which also increses employee productivity. Hosted phone systems have been saving New York businesses on average 90% of thier total invoice on a monthly basis. Reach out to learn more.

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Hosted IP PBX

Hosted Phone systems that service the New York Area include Aasani Teleocmm, 8X8, Verizon, Ring Central, Jive, and Vonage just to name a few. Reach out today to speak with one of our New York City IP Solutions Consultants to learn more today.

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Cloud PBX

Many corporations locally in New York and nationwide are moving to the cloud not only for their data and applications but als voice. Please give us a call today to learn how utilizing cloud pbx services can bring your clinet into the future.

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Hosted IP Telephony Migration Made Easy



For companies still relying on legacy PBX equipment, the dream of migrating to an IP phone system seems like a costly one and, as a result, it remains just that—a dream. The upfrontprice tag  for migration to an IP network is just too steep.

In the modern business world the epicenter is New York, it has become increasingly important for companies of all sizes to remain competitive by adopting IP systems that can be fully integrated with mobile devices and computer applications. Our local New York technicians are able to provide integration which ensures work location flexibility for remote workers and business scalability to meet changing client demands on the fly. With these features, a business can seek out the best employees out there without location restrictions, and can expand business easily without much expense. Old legacy PBX systems just can’t keep up.

So how does a company take the plunge into Hosted IP telephony migration without breaking the bank? There are a number of solutions locally in New York out there to help ease the transition, such as  which uses a company’s exiting digital or legacy PBX system and wiring to deliver the features and benefits of IP telephony the company wants. With Hosted Phone Systes Migration Gateway, a company can seamlessly migrate to an IP system, regardless of whether it is migrating to a cloud-based, hosted PBX or is using its own premises-based IP-PBX.


As stated above, what makes the Migration Gateway from Hosted Phone System unique is its ability to reuse a company’s existing phone lines, equipment and infrastructure. Additionally, New Yorks Hosted Phone Systems inc will provide the company with training so that employees can learn quickly and effectively how to use all of the new features that come with an IP Voice solution.

Most VoIP migration offerings require companies to completely replace their old equipment, which is part of the reason migration can cost so much upfront. Given in New York that Hosted Phone Systems inc Migration Gateway allows companies to make the transition at their own pace and IP-enables existing equipment and infrastructure, the process suddenly becomes manageable—and affordable. As the old adage goes, “change is hard,” but with our Migration Gateway, it doesn’t have to be.




















































With nationwide partners New Yorks Hosted Phone Systems inc can service multi lcaiton organizaitons
Long Island
New Jersey



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